About Me

I am a software developer living in Sydney, Australia who is passionate about developing and designing excellent applications using different set of tools and technologies. I'm vary interested in modern front end frameworks and .NET stack, however, I'm also curious about functional programming, DevOps and automation test practices. I have broad experience working in Agile environments and strong believer that great products are made by great teams not technologies. I'm striving to learn more about building self-organizing teams and being better leader. Reach me out through LinkedIn or via email.

I’ve been working as a Senior Developer with a lot of amazing guys with versatile experience and broad knowledge at Readify for year and a half so if you’re looking for an awesome place to work and you love to code then you should knock on their door.

Currently I’m working as a contractor, so if you’re in need of an individual who can deliver outstanding software with velocity and uncommon sense feel free to contact me.


And many more others...